Poker Players Are Making High Stakes Bets On If The WSOP Will Be Canceled Due To Coronavirus

And here....we.....gooooo.

Coronavirus panic is in full swing right now. The stock market is tanking, flights are being canceled left and right, Donnie is moving from China to the Bahamas, it's a full on crazy world out there these days. And now poker players are betting on whether or not the WSOP in Vegas will get canceled this Summer. Full stop. That's where I draw the line. 

This C-Virus is real, I get it. But I mean...20,000 people died of the flu and 280,000 hospitalized last year and we aren't panicking at the disco about that, are we? We really going to cancel the full WSOP because of fear and panic? No fucking thank you. I'd rather get the Coronavirus after check raising the river than not check raising the river at all.

Here's some good news though, Joey who basically cracked the Mike Postle case is on the Coronavirus case now.

Joey will be on Tuesday's episode of Cracking Aces to talk about this, where to play online poker if at all, and much more. Joey is the poker content king and we had a great chat with him about a ton of things poker and otherwise, so subscribe to have the episode when it drops

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