We Have a Boat Load of Penn National Picks For Every Budget Tonight

Tonight is Friday and that means one thing, baby. Full race cards coast to coast. Me and Lo Duca have studied them and we have a full card of racing at Penn National tonight that we LOVE. And to show you how much we love it, we’re going to the track tonight to play it live, in person. We’ll be there all weekend too, so if you’re in Pennsylvania get your ass out to Penn National and come bet, drink and hang out. We put together an early Pick Four, a Pick Five and a discount late Pick Four for those who have been asking for a cheaper ticket. Keep in mind we always split our larger tickets, so feel free to grab a buddy or a family member and go in on them together. Either way, let’s roll, brother.

BlackJack and Lo Duca’s Early Pick Four:

BlackJack and Lo Duca’s Pick Five:

BlackJack and Lo Duca’s Budget Late Pick Four:

Alright, come join us at Penn National or play along at home and let’s cash together!