Mike Postle The Poker Cheater Update - The Casino Claims There Is No Evidence Of Cheating!!!

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We all remember Mike Postle the poker cheater. In case you don't recall, the quick details are he cheated in a live streamed poker game by having someone in the back relay him the card information in real time, allowing him to know what his opponents had. He was a huge winner in the games, and when people like Joey Ingram started looking more into it, it became abundantly clear, without a shout of a doubt, that he was cheating.

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And the last we heard from him he's been in hiding since the lawsuit was filed.

So that brings us to today, a new update. He finally was convicted of cheating and stealing and has to pay….wait what???

PokerNews - Stones Gambling Hall filed a motion to dismiss the pending civil suit against it relating to the Mike Postle cheating scandal, contending it has no liability in the matter and there is no proof cheating occurred.

“We have found no evidence that indicates there was cheating in the games in question,” Stones said in a Wednesday statement to the Sacramento Bee. “Stones is confident that it will prevail in this unwarranted lawsuit.”

Mother of god. I honestly thought they were going to go the opposite way, settle with the players, and put this entire thing behind them. But instead they are calling the lawsuit "unwarranted". Mama mia, that's a spicy take.

They then took a jab at the players, calling them crybabies for losing!

"This lawsuit reflects the oldest complaint of gamblers — that their lack of success means they were cheated," it said. "Plaintiffs even tacitly concede that cheating by players harms Stones’ business and reputation. It is confounding that Plaintiffs now sue Stones rather than seeking its assistance in their shared goal of preventing cheating in poker."

Crazy. I'm sure there is a legal reason they are doing this, but it is such a joke when the entire world knows he cheated at their casino using their employees and they allowed it to happen. I don't know if Stones was complacent in allowing it, but we know it 100000% happened on their property. For them to deny cheating happened at all, woof. Tough look bro.

We talked to Joey, the guy who uncovered most of this, on Tuesday's Cracking Aces podcast and this week we had on the man, the myth, the legend, Brad Owen which you can listen to on iTunes by clicking the link below.

Brad is the biggest poker vlogger in the world, as all his videos do hundreds of thousands to millions of views. We talked about his poker career, moving to Vegas and going busto, having to upload hands he knows he played wrong and dealing with the critics, plus much more. He was great, as you'd imagine. 

We also have some coronavirus talk in the episode because it's a possibility it could shut down the WSOP (and I might have it). 

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