Paul Lo Duca is Riding in a Camel Race Tonight + A Sam Houston Pick Four

Note: As I’m still currently in twitter jail, please follow my burner @BlackJackBurner for live videos and updates from our journey to Houston.

In our many travels, we have had some strange encounters and experiences. Tonight, however, could possibly take the cake. Tonight at Sam Houston Race Park, Paul Lo Duca will be riding a camel in a race. He is irrationally excited for it and I cannot wait to see it happen. We are at the airport right now heading down to Houston for this very fiasco. We also have a Sam Houston early Pick Four for you to play with us so we can all head to the weekend right. Make sure you follow Paul and I on twitter (@paulloduca16, @blackjackburner, @blackjackfletch) for updates and live video throughout the night. Let’s get nuts.

BlackJack and Lo Duca’s Sam Houston Early Pick Four:

Let’s make this Friday nught