Is $250,000 A Fair Price To Contract The Coronavirus on Purpose For A Propbet?

I don't know a ton about Matt Glantz besides he's made a bunch of money playing poker. But he is OUT on Coronavirus. Like, don't even bring it up in his presence because he wants absolutely nothing to do with it....unless of course, you have $250,000 burning a hole in your pocket.

Which got me to thinking as I lay under all my covers, shivering to death for the 6th straight night with the normal flu..what should be the going rate to contract the coronavirus? Is there a market for that? His argument is simple- it's overblown.

I've been reading a lot about this. The new hype phrase is "exponential growth" meaning cases will keep doubling and doubling and by early Summer the number of people with it could be in double digit %. Do we know that for sure? No. But is it possible? Yes. If you get it will you die from it? Probably not. But can you. Absolutely.

I don't want to kill Matt Glantz's action, but as someone on day 6 of the normal flu, I think $250k is much too high. I did this shit for free. It's been the most miserable 6 days of my life. Take Tylenol, fever goes down, I sweat everywhere. Fever comes back, I shiver with the chills until the next dose of Tylenol kicks in again. I have stopped paying attention to how many I've taken and at what hours. My blood is probably 75% Acetaminophen at this point. I'm just trying to stay alive.

So back to the question at hand, what's your price? Every man has his price. You might not want to admit it, but if someone is holding a briefcase of $100,000 in front of you and someone ready to sneeze...whatcha gonna do, brotha?

PS: Turns out asking for $250,000 values your life at $62.5 million. 

Not a bad valuation!