It’s Time To Get Back To Racing and We Have Full Card Selections For Sam Houston’s Debut Tuesday Card

So obviously yesterday was a bit of a downer for horse racing. The news of the arrests of Jason service and Jorge Navarro were disappointing upsetting And horrifying. We all consumed the information processed it and reacted.

And now here we sit on a new morning and it’s time to move forward. What better way to do that then with the start of a new era and beautiful Sam Houston race Park in Houston Texas. Today is the launch of Tuesday afternoon racing at Sam Houston. There will be 10 races with over 100 horses entered in those races.The card features two pick fours and two pick fives.

Lo Duca and I will have selections for both pick fours and pick fives. Follow us along on twitter for those selections during the day (@paulloduca16 & @blackjackburner). For now, here are our top choices in each race, along with a best bet and top long shot. Let’s play this card big today guys. I want this to be the number one track in the country today for the debut, guys, so let’s play together and win together!

BJF Card:

Race One—(1) Bella Alicita

Race Two—(6) Take The Over

Race Three—(10) Satin’s Little One

Race Four—(3) Shirl’s Ready.  Longshot Play (6) Midas Cat

Race Five—(1) Aloo Ghost

Race Six—(3) Street Dazzle

Race Seven—(13) Cafe Gold

Race Eight—(3) Head Over Boots

Race Nine—(7) Disinclined—Best Bet

Race Ten—(3) King Ptolemy

Lo Duca’s Card:

Race One—(1) Bella Alicita

Race Two—(10) Kat’s Kandy

Race Three—(6) Moro Dreams

Race Four—(6) Morhawk

Race Five—(3) Swannyland

Race Six—(1) Gracely

Race Seven—(11) Wonders of Hislove. With (9) as Longshot play

Race Eight—(7) Whimsical Tale

Race Nine—(2) Paula’s Buddy

Race Ten—(8) Hardly Seen Slim