Now Would Be The Perfect Time For Donald Trump To Smash The "Legalize Online Poker" Button

Do it, Donnie! Do it!

There's no better time than now for a grand sweeping legalization of online poker. There's no sports, there's no traveling, there's mandates on gatherings, the whole 9. So what better time to get some brownie points by legalizing online poker??? I don't care about the red tape and politics, just executive order that sumbitch and roll it out nationwide by sundown. 

Otherwise this is the only other option....

Think you can stop a bunch of Philly kids from seeing flops in their basement? There's no germ strong enough to permeate a mask straight off the shelf at a Delco CVS. 

There's no other options. If everyone is locked inside, let us play online poker legally until it's safe enough to brave the world again. 

For now, the best you can do is listen to my wonderful Cracking Aces podcast. Last week we had on Joey Ingram and Brad Owen, and this week we had two new episodes as well. For yesterday's I posted 10 interview clips from 10 early shows for new listeners to hear. I highlighted interviews with: Ryan Riess (Ep 3), Scott Blumstein (4), Greg Merson (5), Maria Ho (8), Galen Hall (13), Jessica Dawley (15), Jaime Staples (18), Alex Rocha (20), Jeff Platt (23), and Daniel Negreanu (27). 

If you're new to the show or these great players, this episode is a great starting point to get to know them.

You can also listen on Spotify: