Las Vegas Casinos Ain't Hear No Bell!

Imma be honest, I shuddered when I saw these pictures. Just everyone breathing on each other, passing chips around, touching the same cards, rolling the same dice, yeeeeeeesh. I know we pass germs like this all the time and yada yada yada, but not when we've been on a country-wide lockdown due to a pandemic. Every other place in the world is living in a bubble, but these folks are dick to ass at the tables, not a face mask or hand sanitizer in sight. 

The poker games are still going strong at the Bellagio too

A waiting list, no less! 

Vegas, man. It's a different animal. 

I'm fairly certain within the next handful of days most, if not all, casinos will be shut down. For one thing, it's just not worth the money for them all to stay open when rooms will barely be filled. 

They are already laying off staff/cutting hours

And it'll probably only get much worse before it gets better. 

But for now, the games are still going hot, the dice are being rolled, and the blackjacks are being blacked. Stay hot, Vegas. You're all we got left.