The Kentucky Derby As The Third Jewel Of The Triple Crown? Maybe

So I don’t consider myself a reporter by any means. However I do pay very close attention to the sport of horse racing and I do know a lot of people involved in the sport. Tonight someone reached out to me who is involved in the sport and has been very well-connected for decades.

What I learned after talking to him this evening is that the speculation about the Kentucky Derby being moved to September 5 is likely true. The more surprising news that I learned tonight is that the Kentucky Derby will in all likelihood be the 3rd jewel of this year‘s Triple Crown. That would mean that the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes would be run before the Kentucky derby, as currently scheduled if possible.

In fact to accommodate this new schedule I’ve been told that there is discussion at Saratoga of moving up the Travers stakes by three weeks in order to make that a prep race for the Kentucky Derby.

I’m not certain how all of this will actually play out when it’s all said and done. Churchill Downs Inc. has a press conference scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9 AM Eastern. The purpose of the press conference is to discuss the timing of the Kentucky Derby this year. I’m glad that they’ll be giving us clarity on the scheduling of this year‘s events as soon as possible. Hopefully we can still have a great Triple Crown season and enjoy all three of these great races.