Complete Sam Houston Handbook For Todays Card

So in the last 24 hours it looks like horseracing will continue at at least several race tracks around the country. One of those race tracks is currently Sam Houston Race Park in Houston, Texas. Sam Houston is one of the only thoroughbred race tracks running today. That means we need to hit this thing and hit it hard.

To that end, Lo Duca and myself have prepared a full handbook on how to bet Sam Houston today. We will include pick four tickets, exotic bets, as well as who we like overall in each race. This should give you a full guide to betting a complete card this afternoon. Let’s do it.

First Race: BJF- (6) Top Hat Charmer  

PLD- (6) Top Hat Charmer  

Second Race: BJF- (4) Akulina  
PLD- (3) Peppermint March

Third Race: BJF- (1) Cecilia’s a Gem   

PLD-(1) Cecilia’s a Gem

Fourth Race: BJF- (1) Kissthatbabygoodby  
PLD- (5) Jessicas Arch

Fifth Race: BJF-(1) Whenthepennydrops.  

 PLD-(1) Whenthepennydrops.

Sixth Race: BJF- (11) Texas Munny Man.
PLD- (4) Sneem

Seventh Race: BJF- (8) Approvethismessage.
PLD- (8) Approvethismessage

Eighth Race: BJF- (4) Tulle  

PLD- (7) Maria Chuchena

Ninth Race: BJF- (5) Runningwscissors.  
PLD- (4) Ninth Street

Tenth Race: BJF- (12) Algebra.
PLD- (4) Caddo Fox

Early Pick Five:

Late Pick Five:

Obviously feel free to cut these to Pick Fours, Pick Threes, etc.

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