Our Last Beacon Of Hope, The Spearmint Rhino, Has Shut Its Doors

This news shook me to my core. I knew it was inevitable but I never wanted to see the day it happened. Never wanted to open my eyes and live in a world where the Rhino in Vegas would be shuttered. While everything else closed- the leagues, the parks, the stores, we still had our one last beacon of hope. The last place we could trust. The last place we could go and find judgement free shelter. The final frontier of coronavirus. The Spearmint Rhino. But alas, even the strongest fortress has it's weakness, and for the Rhino, it's a virus called COVID-19, one covid for the maximum age you can be to work there.

So pour one out for every young lady who was working to get through med school. For every aspiring actress who is just there for a temporary (1-3 years) amount of time before she landed her big break. For every model who "just does it on weekends" (wink wink) for extra money. Some will be able to work from home. Others will start up an OnlyFans. And others will move back in with mom and dad and have awkward breakfast table conversations for the foreseeable future.

Bless the fearless women who now can only wait. And the businessmen who can no longer go to a conference in Vegas and burn through $5k in a night. The entire Vegas economy is being brought to its knees, but nothing at the Rhino is being brought to it's knees. All we can do now is put on a brave face and spend double there when it re-opens.