The Buccaneers Win Total Looks Pretty Juicy Right Now

With the news that Tom Brady will not be returning to the Patriots, all the speculation has turned to where will he go next. All logic appears to be pointing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Which makes sense if you think about it.

Brady gets a coach that is an offensive mind, who likes to fling the ball around. Additionally he gets the best wide out he’s had since Randy Moss in Mike Evans. He also gets Chris Godwin and a solid TE in OJ Howard. The pieces are there for him offensively. If their QB doesn’t throw 30 interceptions last year the Bucs aren’t half bad.

When you look at their win totals for this season, you can get over 9 wins at +100. Obviously this assumes Brady goes there, but if he does it seems like a very solid bet. Once he signs that number goes up without a doubt. Tom Brady isn’t going 9-7 with that talent. No chance. I’m taking a shot on the Bucs over while there is still very little to gamble on.