The Definitive Answer On Where To Play Poker For Money Or With Friends While You Are Locked Up In Your House

Ok so I've gotten this exact question tweeted and DM'd to me hundreds of times over the last week. Nonstop. The same question is on everyone's mind- where can I play poker right now? A lot of people want to set up private games for them and their friends to settle later on Venmo. Others want to play for real money but aren't sure where to go.

Well here's your definitive answer from Joey Ingram who knows more about this topic than anyone. If you want to play for REAL MONEY:

Legal states ( NV, Delaware, NJ, PA) : Play legal sites - WSOP, PokerStars, Party

Global Poker- if available legally in your state. 

ACR- For higher risk/less secure/ONLY tournament/NEVER cash games. Big payouts for MTT but more issues software/support/security.

Ignition- Wouldn’t ever suggest to new players. Higher risk, better options to play. 

All unregulated/offshore sites- Very prone to cheating/collusion but easier to get money on/off but also easy to get that money taken if you do it wrong with the agent system. 

If you want to play poker with your friends by setting up a free game that everyone can join there are many options. You can really just Google search it but here are his suggestions:

Pokerrr2/PPPoker/Pokerbros- Great sites good for games with your friends- easy to start club - if you join a club make sure you TRUST the agent very well but VERY HIGH RISK and no oversight/wouldn’t suggest if you don’t have agent you really trust.

If people want to play poker but don’t really care about the money much - would suggest Pokerstars home game, Governors Of Poke, or Zynga. for friends also.

If you want to play poker with friends, use one of those sites (Pokerstars Home Game is very easy to set up) and settle the money offline. It seems like a lot of people play on Pokerrr2 but I've never used it so I can't speak on that.

The hardest thing about playing for real money is getting money onto the site. I couldn't get money onto ACR but have a friend named Jeff Platt who was able to transfer me money. I like ACR because I'm a tournament player and their tournaments are ginormous. But they also all have unlimited re-entries and extremely long late reg, which gives good, rich players huge advantages. The cash games at ACR I cannot recommend. I honestly cannot recommend playing on any of the sites that are unregulated- ACR, Bovada, Ignition, any of them. They all have security issues and bot issues, especially in the cash games. If you can get money on these sites, don't put on more than you're happy to lose. I will not vouch for any of them.

I am enjoying playing online again though. 

So there's your answers. If you're hitting the virtual felt, good luck! And if you want to get better at poker check out the Cracking Aces podcast. This is a good episode where we talk about getting better at tournament poker: