I Will Be Streaming Poker Every Day At 2:30 PM, Join Me As I Try To Get My Pocket Kings To Hold Vs AQ


It feels good to be back in the online poker streets. I streamed yesterday to figure it out and made some money, today I streamed and the above happened. I figure we are going to be inside for a long time, so I need to find some sort of outlet and streaming poker is perfect. It makes me play better, it gets me engaged and talking out loud, and it will stop me from going so insane as I sit in my apartment by myself. Also watching might help you waste some time in your day and you'll get better at poker while watching. I'm not a pro by any means but I'm good enough that you can learn a thing or two and by entertained along the way. As long as my freaking kings hold up against AQ after I flop a set, that is. 

But that's why we play the game. The highs are high and the lows are low. And one day I'm just going to win one of these on stream and it's going to be awesome. I wish I had more money though, unlimited rebuys would be nice to have. I'm going to try to only fire 1 bullet at the tournament per day...but I might get reckless and decide money isn't important and keep firing, we'll see.

So please join me on https://www.twitch.tv/barstoolnate every day at 2:30pm as I try to win money. 

It's keeping me sane, for real, just talking out loud, and I hope it can help you too having some interaction. Come hang out in the chat tomorrow if you would like to.