Get Teer (Arrow Gambling) to America NOW

The only legal form of gambling in the Northeastern Indian state of Meghalaya is called “Teer”, and it’s a hell of a game. This little part of India is nestled in the forested mountains between Bangladesh and Bhutan; it looks like a little slice of heaven, and sounds like one too...

How to Play/Bet On Teer: 

Bets are taken EVERY DAY from 10 AM to 3:30 PM on 2 Rounds of Teer to be played that afternoon. At 3:30 PM, the ticket counters close, and about 50 Archers get in a semi-circle at the Teer range and do a 10-minute firing frenzy, trying to hit their arrows into a bundle of straw about 50 meters (164 feet) away from them as many times as possible. The word “Teer” literally translates to “Arrow”. It’s betting on arrows, and they've been training to do this their entire lives in Meghalaya.

Everyone places their bets at different bookies all over town on how many arrows will end up in the hay bale, but you only choose a number between 00 and 99 which represents the last two digits of the total number of arrows in the Bale at the end of the round. So, if 769 arrows end up in the Hay Bale, the people who smartly chose 69 all get a payout from the pot. In that video above it was 781 arrows, I saw another video where it was 1090 arrows, so you're gonna need to have a local feel for the Teer setup to get the inside track on the daily projections.

The locals who play the game say it’s all about interpreting your dreams to predict the right number, saying that certain things represent different numbers (corpse = 9, cow = 4, stuff like that). Which seems nuts on the surface, but I got a shark tattoo the other week because I saw a cloud shaped like a shark shortly before, so I’m 100% IN on dream numbers and using them to lose money.

Check out the older lady clutching the arrows and the dude blowing his cig smoke into his own hand in that picture up above. There's centuries of collective arrow gambling knowledge in this community, and it would be nice if we could get this televised in America during the lockdown so we'd all have something to bet on every day, and new things to think about how to pick the right numbers. I'd probably lean even more into cloud reading since I smoke too much weed to go the dream interpretation route. But regardless of what route you go to get your daily numbers (they have paid websites you can join too), making Teer picks would be a great distraction during the lockdown.

And, this is a feel-good story too, this ancient form of arrow gambling is legal and loved in the Meghalaya state. Since 1982, the archers get paid for their work, taxes get raised for the state, and the odds for bettors are 80/1 for picking the last 2 digits correct, and 4000/1 for the exact number... Cold beers and an afternoon of sweaty Teer wagering, what's not to love?

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