When Will Live Poker Be Back And If The WSOP Goes On As Scheduled, Would You Feel Comfortable Playing?

The Olympics, canceled. Wimbledon, canceled. The Open, canceled. Every single sporting even in the entire world, canceled. The WSOP?

We won't make a decision until next month Cathy!!!

What a response from the WSOP about cancelling an event where 10's of thousands of people come from all over the world and jam ass to dick inside one tiny room where everyone then passes around the same chips and cards all day. Did you vomit just thinking about it? Well then you're a little bitch, Cathy, because no decision has been made.

On the newest episode of Cracking Aces we talk to the head of the WPT about all of this. Not just WSOP, but live poker in general. When will be back playing cards? It's so tricky because nobody wants to be the first casino to open up, spark an outbreak, and then be the reason another round of a Corona induced quarantine took place. 

Savage also talked to us about what the WPT is doing to keep things moving, what he misses most about pre-quarantine life, and he said I'm free-rolled for the rest of my life into every WPT Main Event. Ok he didn't say that last part, but he was great on the podcast, and very insightful as always.

Obviously the WSOP will have to be canceled. They just can't risk it. But if the WSOP goes on as scheduled…would you feel comfortable playing? Cards in the air on May 30th for the BIG 50, would you go? I've given my word that I'd go back to defend my title…which seems like a terrible idea though. Everyone sitting so close to each other, sneezing, eating at the table, the whole bit. So gross. Not to mention the lines. So many lines with everyone basically standing on each other, no fucking thank you.

I fully expect at least a postponement, if not a full cancelation, and then a massive online series. Unfortunately you can only play that online series in Nevada, NJ, and Delaware, so I'll be incredibly bummed.

You know how states are changing rules on the fly? Maybe New York can legalize online poker just for WSOP and then figure the rest out later? Something like that?

It was another good episode of CA, so check it out. A well-spent 50 minutes of your day. Bless.