The Final Four Is Set In The Greatest Wrestler of All Time Tournament

The Final Four matchups are set in the Greatest Wrestler of All Time Tournament and we've got some tough ones on our hands now. We will vote on them today and we will have our final matchup tomorrow with voting culminating at the end of Wrestlemania. Let's not waste any more time, we know where we stand, let's get right into it.

Final Four:

(2) The Rock v. (3) Randy Savage

The Rock is one of the most popular people on the planet today. He was one of the most popular wrestlers ever for about a decade. He gave us catch phrases that are still used in the popular culture lexicon and he is one of the most recognizable wrestlers alive. Most casual fans will cast their votes for The Rock. Randy Savage has a die hard following. I'm not shocked to see him here, but I am a little surprised at how easy its been for the Macho Man. Savage appealed to fans in a way that no wrestler today does. The die hard fans will likely vote for the Macho Man.

(1) Ric Flair v. (1) Steve Austin

This matchup is so damned hard to decide between. Austin had the bigger impact, but it was for a far shorter period of time. For those wrestling fans that maybe didn't watch WCW or NWA wrestling, Ric Flair was THE MAN for about three decades. He had an amazing gimmick and the best part is, he actually lived that gimmick. He was the jet flying, limousine riding, kiss stealing son of a gun. He also has been the World Champion more than anyone alive except John Cena. But, on the other hand, Austin was just so damn popular and changed the business when it needed it most. We're splitting hairs here.