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A PERFECT Allen Iverson Story: A.I. Met D. Wade For The First Time Ever Sitting In A Casino And Gave Him A $1,000 Chip Because He Was A Rookie

This is exactly how I want to picture D. Wade meeting Allen Iverson. It's perfect. A rookie D. Wade trying to find his footing in the league and get used to being a star. So he gets to meet his idol Allen Iverson, teammate Eddie Jones setting it up while they are in Puerto Rico for an event and Iverson sitting at a casino. Imagine playing some blackjack with Iverson too? Feel like he's a GREAT table guy to have. Not just because of the money, but because he would 100% have some good cheers and be a big high-fiver. I can picture it now. 

Not only that, but AI is one of the few dudes from the past era that actually appreciates how good players are today. He's the one that doesn't scream and bitch that someone like Steph or LeBron or whoever couldn't play back in the day. Iverson typically goes the other way and refuses to be critical about it for no reason. That's why he's becoming more beloved with each passing day and story. 

We need to talk about how cheap Wade is here. Listen, I get you're a rookie but pocketing $500? No thank you. If Allen Iverson gives you $1,000 to go gamble with, you go gamble with that $1,000. That $500 isn't going to help you with retirement or if you only last 3 years in the league. You need to try and turn that $500 into $5,000. New life goal: find any way possible to play a few hands of blackjack with Allen Iverson.