BlackJack and Lo Duca's Horse Racing Buffet of Tickets (WRD AND FONNER)

I guess maybe we're feeling frisky today, because Paulie and I have gone all out for you guys. He's got full card selections again for both Will Rogers' Downs and Fonner Park. Plus we have a Will Rogers Pick Five and a Pick Five ticket for Fonner Park. The Fonner ticket is more than usual, but tonight is a mandatory payout, so it will be worth a good, long look. Let's do this thing.

Lo Duca's Will Rogers' Full Card:

1: 7

2: 4,5,6,7

3: 2,6,8,10

4: 3,5

5: 1,4,7

6: 2,3

7: 1,2,3,4,7

8; 2,3,4,5,6,7

9: 1,5

10: 8,9

BlackJack's Will Rogers Pick Five:

Race Two: I like the Broberg/Cabrera combo on the (7) Cougar Country, will also use (5) and (6) for cover.

Race Three: The (8) Aloo Ghost could be tough to beat here, again with Broberg and Cabrera, has faced much tougher competition. Also using the (2), (6) and (10).

Race Four: This should be a two horse race between the (3) and (5), I'd give the slight edge to (3) November Mike, but will use both.

Race Five: The (1) Miltontown will be a tough challenge for this bunch, and the combination of trainer Robertino Diodoro and rider Ty Kennedy will be tough to top. The best shot to do it is the (4), who I'll include.

Race Six: Once again, I see this as a two horse race, between the (2) and (3), I'd give the slightest of edges to the (3) Champagne's On Ice, but will again use both. 

Lo Duca's Fonner Park Full Card:

Race 1: 1,2,3,6,7

Race 2: 1

Race 3: 2,4,5,7

Race 4: 7,9

Race 5: 2,4,6

Race 6: 2,4,5,6,7

Race 7: 2,3,5,7,8

Race 8: 9

BlackJack's Fonner Park Late Pick Five:

Race Four: I really thought about singling the (9) Ohtani here, but ultimately it just felt foolish to leave the (7) out. Use both.

Race Five: My top choice here is (4) Getaway Driver because of his connections and back class, but it's close. Also using (2), (6) and (9).

Race Six: This race is wide open. My slight favorite is the (2) Hunters Appeal because of the jockey/trainer combo, which are 24% and 19% winners respectively. Also using (4-7).

Race Seven: I like the back class on the (3) Extreme Caution, but will cover with (2), (5) and (7).

Race Eight: The (4) Gone Preachin and (9) Born Force are my top two here. They have won at this level before and ran well under these conditions at this track. 

*Like I said, it's more than usual, but it's jackpot payout day and there's a lot in there for Fonner Park.*