Tampa Bay Downs Is Running Today, So We're Playing

Yesterday was a big ol' o'fer on the buffet of picks, not the way you want your Tuesday to go, but nonetheless, we will persevere. Today is time for the bounce back. I've looked at the cards out there and in the words of Tim McGraw when it comes to the Tampa Late Pick Four:

So, having said that, let's take a look at what's being offered down in Tampa this afternoon, shall we?

Tampa Bay Late Pick Four:

Race Five: This should be a single here. The (6)Goneasagirlcanget should be gone at the wire. She was second at this level last time out and the rest of the field just doesnt appear near as close as her.

Race Six: My favorite here is the (6) Itsagimme's Girl with some solid races under her belt and an excellent jockey/trainer combo. This race needs coverage thought, so I'll use (1), (4), (5), (8).

Race Seven: The (9) Amelia's Wild Ride should be the favorite here and with good reason. You're getting a horse with solid class and Jane Cibelli training with Antonio Gallardo up for the mount. I still think you should add here, so i'm using (4), (6), (7).

Race Eight: This race is wide open. I'd lean slightly to the first time starter for Christophe Clement and Samy Camacho, (9) Gaelic Gold, but obviously you need coverage. Use the (1), (2), (3) and (8) as well.

Paulie also likes Tampa this afternoon, but he's got his eyes on the Pick Five and its carryover. Similar ticket, except he's going bold with a single in the seventh. That was my top choice though....so....maybe....

Lo Duca's Tampa Late Pick Five ($75)






Lo Duca's Will Rogers' Downs Full Card Selections:

1: 4

2: 1,7,11

3: 1,2,4,6,9

4: 1,2,4,5,8

5: 1,3,7

6: 8

7: all

8: 5

9: 1,3,4,5,6,8

10: 3,4,8,9,12,