INTRODUCING: Pickin' WIth The Boys

BIG NEWS from the Bussin' With The Boys family. We've created a baby and we are naming it Pickin' With The Boys. I know what you're thinking: "Holy shit what a brilliantly original name, how do these boys come up with this stuff?"

Bussin' With The Boys x Music City will bring nothing but happiness to everyone and I'm fired the hell up about it. I'm talkin' that kind of excitement from 1998 when it's a Friday night and you're headed to Blockbuster (s/o Blockbuster) excitement. Our very first Pickin' piece comes to you from our boy Ernest. If BussinWTB had an artist to represent us... it'd be Ernest. And I don't believe he has a last name either which honestly makes it even better. What he DOES have is an album out called Locals Only that is PERFECT for being quarantined. Hit that link and check him out.

Obviously, first we have to give credit where credit is due. S/o the boys Ryan Kroon (@kroonster) and Adam Bobo (@adambobo) for bringing this idea to our attention. Their work for the boys is damn near unmatched and for that we are forever grateful.

The idea behind this platform is for music artists, big or small (size doesn't matter here), to share their music and engage with our audience. Our mantra is obviously all about being for the boys (girls too; s/o the girls) and this segment gives our brand another way to sell out and promote the boys (girls too) in front of our Bussin'/Barstool fanbase. Especially those up-and-comers who need an outlet to be heard. 

For now, this segment will be live on our Bussin' With The Boys Instagram and YouTube channels. You can be a hero by following and subscribing below.

And since we are quarantined, we will be starting with homemade videos sent to us so that we can release through our channel… just like you see from the boy Ernest above. Once we can all leave the house we will take this bad boy onto the bus so that artists can record in our Bussin' studio.


Good songs only. Love You