Prop Bet - Can Someone Who Has Never Played Competitive Basketball Make 90/100 Free Throws By The End Of The Year?

I love blogging poker prop bets. Whenever I see a good one I like to put it on the blog and see what people think. So here's the current big one in the poker world- Mike McDonald who basically wins every bet he ever enters into, decided he could make 90/100 free throws by the end of 2020. Regulation hoop, ball, and getting his own rebounds. I actually think getting his own rebounds matters more than most realize, that makes it much more exhausting and takes you out of your rhythm. Even when I typed that just now it made me realize how much harder it is than just standing there taking balls off a rack.

There's going to be a hell of a lot of money wagered on this. And to be honest, I just...I just cannot see a normal person making 90/100. I don't know. Sure you can hire the best shooting coach and try to perfect your mechanics, but 90/100 is still crazy to me.

We were talking about it on the podcast today how little room for error there is. What would LeBron do if he had to shoot 100 in an empty gym at practice? 92-96? Somewhere in that range? To me, unless I'm interpreting this wrong and have a bad grasp on the general adult males true FT %, Mike is saying he will hit FTs at an NBA level, which I find very hard to believe.

From what I understand he's athletic but has never played organized basketball in his life. He's also very mentally strong though and that could help him a lot. Get ball, set, use mechanics, hit free throw, repeat. Just like a robot. So actually when I typed it out like that, it made me think hmm maybe 9/10, 10 times isn't so crazy. Calm breathing, same stroke every time. Wow. Now I'm thinking on the fly here while I type this blog that it's not so insane.

So what do you guys think? 90/100 by the end of 2020. Let's say you have a million dollars on it at even money. Possible? 

And check out the newest CA podcast. We talk our conspiracies about ACR, donation shaming, answer poker questions, and this prop bet. A very fun episode to record, a nice escape from reality.