Let's Take a Virtual Tour of Kentucky's Majestic Horse Country

Travel is impossible right now for all of us. If it wasn't there's a good chance I'd be in Kentucky right now visiting beautiful Keeneland. That's what I was doing this time last year. I was down in Lexington, taking in the races, and exploring the area. If you haven't been to the Lexington, Kentucky area, I cannot recommend it enough. It's got small town charm, and beautiful scenery combined with the energy of an awesome college town. One of the best parts of my trip last year was getting to go on tours of multiple horse farms in the area. The tours were put together by Stephanie at Visit Horse Country. We got to check out Claiborne and Gololphin, as well as some of the "Mom and Pop" shops like Mill Ridge and Taylor Made. The tours were all awesome. We got to get up close and personal with some of the best race horses of the last couple decades as well as see how they live and how these farms operate day to day.

Since we can't be in Kentucky right now, I thought I'd find some virtual tours that were interesting and put them here for you to check out. Think of it as a little mental vacation to horse country. Enjoy!