The Raiders New Las Vegas Stadium Looks Spectacular at Night

As everyone knows the Raiders are set to debut in Las Vegas this coming NFL season. Those of us who have been to Vegas in the last few months have seen the construction happening just behind the strip of their new home, Allegiant Stadium. It certainly looked impressive when I saw it back in August, but this is the first time I've seen it at night, and wow, it's something else.

That looks spectacular. That looks like a stadium in Vegas should look. The black and silver is perfect for the Raiders and it will stand out as part of the Vegas skyline. Hopefully construction concludes on time, even with a second worker testing positive for Corona. I can't wait for Vegas to get back to normal and open up again, it's one of my favorite places and man, do they do things right. I'm sure the new stadium in Los Angeles is going to be great, but if there's a new stadium I want to set foot in, it's Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas for a Raiders game.