The PERFECT Asshole/Gambling MJ Story: Jordan Would Learn Results Of Jumbotron Races And Then Bet A Security Guard Knowing The Outcome

[Dime] - “That is a true story, but he never bet at me, I don’t think he bet at … Steve’s not betting anybody,” Pippen said, pointing to former teammate Steve Kerr. “He did bet, we had a security guy sit at the head of our bench — his name was John Capps, he’s now passed away, but Capps would bet Michael every game. The only way Capps would win (was) if he was able to pick the right one, because if Michael picked, obviously he knew he was gonna win. But yeah, he probably beat the guy out of $4,100.”

Yep, there it is. That's the Michael Jordan I expect to hear all about on The Last Dance documentary. Listen, Michael Jordan was not known for being a nice, humble man. He was a gigantic asshole. He had to be in order to be successful. It's what drove him to being this goddamn good. He also liked to gamble. That's not a secret - unless you're talking about his 'secret suspension' (wink wink, allegedly). 

Imagine being this security guard too. You're just here trying to be friendly with Jordan. You strike up a friendship betting races on the Jumbotron games and races. He's the best goddamn player in the world. He might be the biggest name in sports in the entire world at the time. Only to find out he's hustling you out of $4,100! 

That's just peak Jordan. It doesn't get more Jordan than finding out the edge in something and using it to his advantage. What was he going to do? Lose? I don't think so. Jordan was an asshole. Jordan LOVED winning more than anything else. More than friendship, more than anything else. If he had an edge and found a sucker he was going to use it. 

PS: Steve Kerr not betting on anything is somehow more correct than Jordan pulling the Jumbotron bets off. 

PPS: I know there's been a handful of Jordan content today, but what do you expect? He's like the third biggest news story in the world right now with this doc coming out. Also who the fuck doesn't like Jordan stories?