How Do You Think Michael Jordan Reacted When A Teammate Challenged Him To A Shooting Contest By Throwing Money Down And Talking Shit?

[USA Today] - "I went to Beloit College to play Division III basketball. My freshman year (1985-86), the Chicago Bulls held training camp. Since we were on the team, we got to be ballboys at practice. Michael Jordan and Quintin Dailey were having this free-throw contest. It was loosey-goosey, jokey, kind of fun. Then they started throwing money down. Quintin had gotten ahead and started talking some smack. Jordan freaking snapped. He had this incredible focus. He got so locked in and was almost angry. He came back and beat Q in the shooting contest. I don’t remember the pot that was there. But I know it was substantial. He cackled as he ran off the floor and he was just taunting Quintin Dailey.

I don't care how young MJ was at the time. You had to know who Michael Jordan was if you're a teammate. Shit Dailey had to be close with Jordan, they were drafted just 2 years apart! I don't even care that Dailey was a top-10 pick, he had to know what Jordan was like a year into his NBA career.

Now that said, I admire the balls on Dailey. If you want Jordan to do something, you taunt him and start talking about gambling. Easiest way to get MJ to accept a challenge. Shit, I'm pretty sure you just have to say 'Hey, Mike, I think I'm better' and before you finish your sentence he's accepting. Toss money in and well this is what Jordan looked like (at least I imagine) 

Just laughing knowing he's about to make even more money. Knowing that his teammate didn't have a chance against him in a shooting contest. The best is that Jordan snapped. That's why Jordan is so different, man. The dude would get into this competitive spirit that no one else really had. Combine that with the God given talent and you get MJ. I just imagine him snapping too. You can close your eyes and just picture the stare and see the gum being chewed before he starts talking shit. 

Just another prime story of MJ being a gigantic asshole, but also the most competitive person in the world. I can't wait for the documentary.