Daniel Negreanu Has Confirmed Michael Jordan And Phil Ivey Have Played High Stakes Golf Matches, Let Us PRAY Ivey Was Interviewed For "The Last Dance" To Discuss


I blogged earlier today about how all I hope, wish, and dream of is an MJ gambling episode of "The Last Dance"

where they dive into the high stakes gambling world of Michael Jordan. Shit, if this is truly a tell-all, maybe we'll get it confirmed that Michael "retirement" was really a suspension. I don't want to be too fin-foil hat, but I think if you still don't believe it was a suspension you're just lying to yourself.

And then 2 times Cracking Aces (the best fucking poker podcast in the universe) guest Daniel Negreanu went and added fuel to my fire by confirming Ivey and Jordan have played high stakes golf matches. 

Now, I don't know how in tune people are with what "high stakes" means. We're not talking $500 a hole. We're not even talking $5,000 a hole. We're talking about minimum 6 figures per hole, million dollar swings, ridiculous props in the middle, crazy odds set on sinking putts, and so on and so forth. They at any point can get $100k at 50:1 on making a 40 foot putt. Ivey high stakes betting stories are simply lunacy. And these would be PERFECT for the doc to get a better and bigger glimpse of the type of gambler Jordan truly is. Absolutely perfect.

Shit, the more I type, the more I realize they need to do one on the life and times of Phil Ivey. Hardcore poker people like myself barely know the surface of the amount of money this guy was betting day in and day out. I mean we know casinos were free-rolling him $500,000 on craps tables and flying him in on private planes just because they knew he would give them bigger action. And that's the basement of what we know. There's so much we don't know because Phil has been a closed book for so long but man, talk about a guy who has legitimately seen and done it all. Phil Ivey man. Definition of a legend.



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