A Judge Has Ruled That A Man Does NOT Have To Pay The $517,000 Debt He Owes From Rock, Paper, Scissors

MONTREAL --    A debt of more than half a million dollars, contracted following three games of rock-paper-scissors, is invalid, according to a recent Quebec Court of Appeal ruling.

Michel Primeau, the man who won the competition, as well as the sum of $ 517,000, appealed the Superior Court decision.

Primeau had explained in court that the game that led to Hooper's huge debt took place in January 2011. The winner was to determined after three games of rock-paper-scissors.

How not? 

That's my question. And I need an answer to it. How does a mutually agreed upon best-of-three rock-paper-scissors game for $517,000 NOT count? I don't care what the activity is....if you agree to playing for $517,000 that is a sanctioned, authorized event. This is no different than placing a bet with a bookie. There's no actual legally binding contract but there's a mutual respect and understanding that the loser pays. And I guess while you don't HAVE to pay by law, the winner deserves the right to murder the loser if he refuses to cough up the money. And I think the Judge should've considered that. He may have just saved a guy half a million, but he also just killed a man.

And here's my thing when it comes to the ruling: everyone that has walked the Earth has at some point or another been like, "I'll give you a million dollars if you do __________" and the other person has done it. Whether that be some sort of prank, yell something inappropriate, or bounce ping pong balls off pans until they fall into solo cups. So do you have to pay in that situation? Nope. That's called a joke. And everyone with a brain knows it.

BUT as soon as you get into the best-of-three scenario, then everyone involved knows exactly what's going on. There's no mistakes and mishaps when it comes to a best-of-three. You knew exactly what you were signing up for.

And for the crowd that is thinking that rock-paper-scissors is a "child's game" so this was clearly a joke, may I remind you that there have been some VERY important decisions made from rock-paper-scissors over the years.

Could you imagine if the cop turned back around and said, "Hands behind your back, miss. That was a child's game and it doesn't count". 

No. There's integrity to the game. Here's more examples:

Rock-paper-scissors is the universally accepted way of making decisions. It's a fair and honest game. And the man who just got half a million dollars back because he wasn't serious when he made the bet better hope I'm not on the jury on the next appeal, because I'm voting GUILTY.