Never Forget Rickie Fowler Said Playing MJ In Golf Is The Best Way To Prep For Tournaments Because He Plays For 'Any Amount Of Money That Makes You Scared'

[Source] - “I feel like a lot of those matches, whether you’re with the boys back home playing for big money or playing with MJ and getting those juices going, those are some of the best preps for going out and being ready to play tournament golf.

“He’ll play you for whatever you want. Whatever makes you scared.

I saw this story floating around this morning and just reminded me how awesome of a life pro athletes have. Rickie Fowler, one of my favorite golfers ever, talking about how golfing with MJ helps prep for Tournaments. Maybe we need to get him to play one more round with MJ before a major, because I want Rick to get a major here soon. Need Rick to get a major here soon. 

I need to know what the dollar amount makes Rickie scared. He's won $38 million according to the all-time money winners list. He's 21st all time in golf for that. He has plenty of money to bet with. But we're talking about MJ. I'm pretty sure he makes a million bucks a day just by being MJ. So how much money is he tossing out there to make Rickie nervous? Gotta be damn close to 7 figures, right? 

I don't care if you're a pro golfer, it's gotta be intimidating as hell to play Jordan. You're going 1v1 with arguably the most competitive person ever. Not sure who else could be in that debate - Tiger maybe? Brady? You know Jordan golfs and gambles all the time too. You also know he's an asshole and will look for whatever advantage he can get. No doubt in my mind he asks for more strokes than he needs and negotiates down. 

That said - this is the most relatable thing I've ever seen out of MJ