Churchill Downs Deciding To Race This Month Is AWESOME ... Even Better Though Is The Kentucky Derby Not Running Tomorrow

Some good news from the last couple of days. Churchill Downs will be running races this month. That's awesome. The more places like this open up, it's great for the sport of horse racing - something so many of us here are fond of. They are obviously running now at Oaklawn (check out Photo Finish with Paul Lo Duca, Blackjack and myself tomorrow for Arkansas Derby picks), Gulfstream, Tampa Bay Downs among others. But places like Churchill being open - even without fans - just continues to let the best horses and jocks run more and more. 

Now why am I blogging this today? Because today and tomorrow are two of the most fun, important days in the state, in horse racing and in the city of Louisville. It's supposed to be Derby weekend. Today is supposed to be Oaks Day - which if you've never been to might be more fun than Derby day. Everyone is wearing pink. Bars are open until 6am. It's not as crowded as Derby day so you can go to the races and enjoy yourself. I can't recommend it enough. 

So let's talk about that for a second. I saw people questioning why would Churchill open up just a couple of weeks after they could have had the Derby? Why not still host the Derby? Why postpone it until the fall? Because the Derby without fans would be POINTLESS. You know what makes the Derby special? You can see the fans standing. You can hear the roaring. It's a spectacle for those watching on TV and those in person. The entire city is a party for two days and there's absolutely nothing like it. 

I obviously wish we had the Derby this weekend. I'd kill to be down in Louisville drinking bourbon slushes with my idiot friends. I'd kill to lose a ton of money today saying I'll get it back tomorrow. But the fact is without fans we can't have the Derby. It's too important to a sport that I love. 

Saturday, September 5 being Kentucky Derby, college football, MLB and who knows what else is going to be unreal.