New Jersey Online Poker Revenue Is Up A Casual 208% (!!!!!!!) Year Over Year


AN - But the most interesting thing about the numbers is the huge increase in revenue among online games, including online casino games and poker. The former brought in a whopping $74.8 million in April, which was a 114.3% increase over April 2019, when it brought in $34.9 million. Notably, New Jersey is one of only three states in the U.S. to offer legal online casino games. Pennsylvania and Delaware are the other two.

Poker saw even bigger gains, jumping in revenue by 208.7% from $1.7 million in 2019 to $5.1 million last month. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Nevada are the only states to currently offer legal online poker.

208.7%!!!!!!! Like, come on man. How do we get these numbers in front of every lawmaker in every state in the country? How do we get every single state to look at these numbers and be like "we want a piece of that". 

Obviously with no sports, sports betting is down, but April still had over $80 million in sports betting revenue, somehow. That's 80 more million than the state of New York, I know that much. 

I don't understand how New York can sit there twiddling it's thumbs while online casinos and poker are both up triple digit percentages year over year. People want to play online!!!! It's what we want!!!! This isn't 1985 anymore, the world lives on the internet. Let us live on the internet!!!!

The fact poker is booming like this and you can only play legally in NJ, NV, DE, and PA will never cease to blow my mind. Every single day my mind is blown by how stupid it is that in the year of the lord 2020 where every little thing is run by technology and the internet, it's still largely illegal to play online poker outside of 4 states. Figure it out, lawmakers. You're lighting money on fire every day it isn't legal. Kids are going hungry. Bridges are collapsing. Your state is losing money. Figure it out.



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