The Guy Who Delivered MJ Pizza In Utah Said He Made It Himself, Named His Son After MJ, Had Money On The Bulls And Called MJ A Liar

This is it. This is now my favorite interview of all time. Everything from the investigative questioning after Craig told his story to the story telling. You know how I know it's real? Craig saying he had bets on Chicago. You don't food poison Michael Jordan if you have money on the Bulls. You don't fuck with things like that if you're a gambler. Hell, it doesn't matter if he had $20 on the game or $20,000, if you have money on a game you don't screw it up. So I believe Craig, call me crazy, but I just don't buy the food poison story. 

I can't stop laughing at the guy saying 'crap' all the time. It's a crap story that 5 guys delivered the pizza. It was just two. It's a crap story that Tim Glover would blame the food poison. Ol Craig said he could smell cigar smoke the moment he walked in the hotel lobby. He saw MJ sitting shirtless playing cards and everyone knows the sun goes down in Park City at 3 or 4. That's how you get sick! According to Craig MJ probably was already sick. 

This is now the 3rd variation of just the pizza story. We had MJ and his crew say it was food poisoning. We had The Last Dance director saying MJ spit on the pizza so no one else would eat it: 

And now we have this version. This still just sounds like a drunken, shitty version of Celtic Pride. You watch it one too many times and either tell MJ we're rolling with this story or try to poison MJ after watching it. 

Oh and what was the pizza order? A large thin, crispy, extra pepperoni from Pizza Hut. Not gonna lie, that's just playing with bubble guts. He ate too much pizza. And pizza from Utah. The Bubble Guts Game sounds better than The Flu Game anyways. Or if he was hungover that's just a better story. 

How quick do we think Craig called in to tell the story here? There's no doubt in my mind this is how he introduces himself. Craig, I used to work at Pizza Hut and I made AND delivered MJ pizza that may or may not have given him food poisoning, nice to meet you.