A Poker Room In Florida Has Re-Opened And Is Using A Bottle Of Hand Sanitizer As The Dealer Button


I...I think this is a good idea! Truly. I mean look...if you're going to sit at a 9 or 10 handed poker table, no gloves, everyone passing the chips and cards back and forth, you kind of don't care if you get corona or not. And I guess that's your choice. So if the poker room is open, and people are sitting at the table, at least there is hand sanitizer available. I appreciate that gesture. 

Playing live poker right now is quite a gamble. Gotta say, the people who will play right now probably make the games very profitable. I feel it's the same people willing to go on cruises or go to buffets. So if you are of the belief we're all just going to get it anyway, not too bad of a way to contract it. Make some money, get your case of corona, and put it in the past. Certainly beats getting it from old man Rivers breathing down your throat at the grocery store.

Most casinos right now that are planning their re-openings do not have the poker room in the first phase. There are just too many variables and uncontrollable variables where germs can be passed back and forth.

But boy do I miss playing poker tournaments. I should be flying out to Vegas next week for the WSOP. In fact, I still haven't canceled my flight. I should do that. Shit.

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