Poker Rooms Opened Back Up In Florida And The Wait Lists Are Massive



Nature is healing! This is just like the cruises,



there are certain people who have no problem getting right back to normal ASAP. The poker room was open for 2 hours and they already had an 106 person waiting list. It's actually stunning. There was no dipping their toes in to see if the water is warm, these people did a cannonball into the deep end. Sort of refreshing in a weird way, that some people have no hesitation or worried bone in their body.

And I think this is basically what we've all decided is going to happen. Things will open up little by little, and those who are comfortable will go, and those who aren't will stay home. And eventually either we'll all get coronavirus because we opened too soon, or it'll be deemed safe and we'll all start going back to places little by little. 

But hey, poker rooms are reopening. Stay safe and stay sanitized. That one poker room is using hand sanitzer as the dealer button 



Don't forget corona is still a thing- there were 1,500 new deaths yesterday and 25,000 new reported cases, so it's not like we're in the clear yet. A 2nd wave would be so fucking frustrating, boy, I don't even want to consider doing this again. 



PS: No word yet on buffets. That'll be the sign we're back. God damn buffets. It'll happen sooner than later though. Oh, it'll happen sooner than later for sure.