The Bet Is In For The Tiger/Peyton - Phil/Brady Match

As things currently stand, Tiger & Peyton are -195 at Penn National. It's not often that you hear a -195 favorite is presenting "value" but hear me out. 

Location: Medalist in Jupiter, Florida. You know whose home course that is? Tiger Woods. The man could probably play this course in his sleep. 

Medalist was designed by Pete Dye. Phil has historically struggled playing on Pete Dye courses, ranking outside the top 80 in shots gained (an advanced stat for golf) on Dye's courses over his last 50 rounds compared to other PGA golfers. 

Retirement: Let's not forget that Brady has been grinding his balls off in the NFL while Peyton Manning, meanwhile, has been chilling on the golf course. It's been reported that he's already the better golfer and the retirement has only multiplied that. Peyton's handicap is a 6.4, while Brady's is an 8.1. 

Bet: Tiger Woods & Peyton Manning -195. Peyton is better than Brady and Tiger is better than Phil, especially on Pete Dye courses. Plus, Medalist is his home course. 

Side note: it is looking like this matchup may be rained out until tomorrow. Might as well get your bets in now.