The WSOP Was Supposed To Start Today. I Was Supposed To Be In Vegas This Weekend. I Am Sad.


Look at it. It's so beautiful. Just tables and chips and chairs and dealers as far as the eye can see. Nobody worried about coronavirus- shit, nobody worried about germs in general. People just sneezing everywhere, passing chips back and forth, not a care in the god damn world. It's glorious. 

But now?

Nothing. No sounds of chips shuffling, no grumpy old men folding AK to a single raise, no Euros taking 5 minutes to make a standard decision, none of it. The god damn coronavirus has taken the WSOP from us, and I am sad about it. 

I miss the rush of sitting down at the table and looking around at my enemies. The rush of the dealer sliding your cards to you, with your brain going "ace, ace, ace, ace, ace" the entire time as if that will change the outcome. Putting in check/raises for no real reason but to feel something. Flopping a set against the table maniac. Building towers and feeling untouchable. 

Nothing is better.

I was supposed to be in Vegas this coming up weekend, defending my BIG50 title that I finished 529th in. The biggest live tournament ever run. 


It was a blast to play and I had my flight booked for my return. And now? Nothing.

Every year for the past 5 I've done a WSOP preview blog explaining what it is, how it works, the tournaments to look out for, what's new this year, and everything in between. Here is last year's:



Everyone knows the Main Event, but there are so many other events that run all summer that give you the WSOP experience. I was going to go out for the BIG50 and the Main Event again this year. There's truly nothing like it. And just Vegas in general. The food, the shows, walking the strip, experiencing it all. I've been now 10+ times and it never gets old. 

When the WSOP is running again, I'll be there. Masks and gloves on, but I'll be there. It's the best and the feeling of building a stack in a WSOP tournament cannot be beat. Maybe sex? I'll let you know if that happens, but for now, it's definitely building a stack.



Have a listen to Cracking Aces. It's the best poker podcast out there.