A Table Is About To Hit The $350,000 Bad Beat Jackpot When The Player With a Straight Flush *Magically* Disconnects And His Hand Folded


I'm always, always, always asked where it's safe to play online poker in the United States. And my answer is always "unless you live in New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, or PA, nowhere is safe to play online poker in the United States". Those are the only 4 states where online poker is regulated. Every other state you are forced to play on these offshore sites where you have no idea if your money or games are safe. Lots of these sites have bots, software glitches, multi-accounters, and a myriad of other issues.

Case in point, whatever the fuck happened there with BetOnline. Dude's internet was fine, but he randomly disconnected when his table hit the BBJ. Hand folded, no BBJ awarded. Awful. 

Now clearly since BetOnline offers a BBJ to begin with, they have no reason to not award it, ya know? Like, it's not costing them money when it hits. It just seems their software glitched because these sites don't maintain their software like they should because there is no regulation, and his hand folded, costing him 15% of that $350,000. And that poor bloke who had the quad kings busted missing out on a 6 figure pay day. Just the worst beat.

And BOL will likely do nothing about it. Thems the breaks!

Let me be clear- if you play on a regulated site in one of those 4 states, you are as safe as online poker can get. It's not rigged against. Believe me, there's a reason Jake final tables every tournament he plays and why his cash game graph is straight uphill. If you're good, you can clean up. But if you play on the apps or these offshore sites, just be warned that shady shit might happen.

And that's the basis of the newest episode of Cracking Aces- cheating allegations in high stakes games on a private app.




We talk about how prevalent cheating/ghosting is and if Jungleman was in the right or wrong to do what he did. That's episode 61, make sure to check us out on iTunes and Spotify if you dig it.