Vegas Is Reopening. The Fountains Are Back On. Dancers Are Wearing Masks. And Casinos are PACKED.


And just like that, after a mere 2 and a half months, Vegas is reopening. It won't be the same, as there are a ton of restrictions and safety precautions put in place such as dancers wearing face shields (lolllll)



and dividers at craps tables



But nothing was going to stop the millions, and millions of people from getting back to what they love the most- drinking n gambling, baby!




The masks on the dancers are too good.



We're back though, baby.

But oh my god if there is a 2nd wave. Fuck. Let's not think about that right now. Let's just be glad Vegas is back.




We talk poker tournaments being insane, the stock market being insane, current events, more stock market, and other things on episode 62 of Cracking Aces, out now. One of my favorite shows so far, 50 good minutes.