Darren Rovell Is Quite Literally The Worst Poker Player In The World


Darren...just....wow. I don't have words for how poorly he played this hand, every street, every step of the way. It's hard to be an adult male and not know the rules of a poker tournament, but apparently Darren has never played in his life. I'm not even sure if he knows that AQ is a good hand, and that flopping another Q is really good. And then saying "I only have 195"...like uhhhhh yeah, no shit dude. I'm honestly impressed to the point I have to believe this is a troll job. I have to. Because he played this hand of poker like a blind person reading a book. And that's an honest to god perfect analogy. 




Anger and rage. For some reason asking for the king of spades pre flop. Not getting all the money in on the flop. Then him yelling "fold" after he checks it on the turn. Just...all of it. Another notch in the Darren Rovell belt. We shouldn't be this shocked, but boy, I just cannot believe someone employed by a gambling site can be that incredibly terrible at poker. He makes me look like Phil fucking Ivey.




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