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The NBA Is Trying To Make A Behind The Scenes Documentary Of Disney And My One Wish Is They Show The High-Stakes Card Games

The idea is perfect. We have millionaires going to a mix of an AAU Tournament/Five Star Camp with this campus life. They have to stay within this bubble and the rules are just flat out hilarious. Can only play singles ping pong, have special access to movies, but the one that I really care about is this. 

This is what I care about. This and players breaking protocol. I don't need to see them walking around a hotel. I want to see the gambling aspect. I want to see guys getting at pissed at each other. It happens. Think about playing poker or cards or golf with your friends. Anything with money involved, it brings out even more competition. Let's not beat around the bush here either - guys in the NBA LOVE to gamble. 

Remember Gilbert Arenas? Remember Michael fucking Jordan? There are countless stories of guys playing different card games and causing chaos. That's going to be way more entertaining than Chris Paul and LeBron talking in a hotel room. No one is going to give a shit about that. I want to see James Harden tell Russell Westbrook to Venmo him $100,000 after losing a hand. 

If we're going to get the true behind the scenes footage put out two different shows. Put out one for the kids where it's like hey there goes Chris Paul to Animal Kingdom with his kid. And then give the rest of us what we want to see. Show us how guys are contemplating how to break protocol and sneak someone in the bubble or sneak out. Give us someone calling the hotline and then going to a confessional Real World style. Shit, get Bunim and Murray on the line and have them film this and just make it a new Real World season.