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Mike Matusow Played One Of The Most Heroic Hands Of Poker These Eyes Have Ever Seen


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The WSOP kicked off their online bracelet series last night and we were treated to some king shit right there. Not any of that internet kid mumbo jumbo with their math and solvers and this and that. Nope. Just good ol' fashioned street poker, baby. Call the preflop raise, bet T97 board, turn your set, and bomb it all in. Fuck yes.

Does this hand make any sense? Absolutely not. But it's fucking heroic. (And if you didn't catch the sarcasm in the first couple of sentences, allow me to state that the math and solvers are actually good). And any time I see a hand as heroic as this, I will post it. I love when playing hood poker pays off. When bombing the turn for 2.5x pot gets you paid. That's poker baby.

 He ended up finishing 44th, while Phil Hellmuth finished 11th. The Cracking Aces co-host Jake Toole also cashed, finishing 82nd. He then went on to finish 2nd in a $1k for $27k though, so his night wasn't all that bad.



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