Let's Discuss Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal

It's FIGHT WEEK mothafuckas, and boy oh boy, do we have a card to look forward to this Saturday over on Fight Island! 

I'm excited to cover and break down each and ever aspect of Fight Island over the course of the week, but just like everybody else on the planet, I can't seem to get this headlining matchup of Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal for the UFC Welterweight Championship out of my mind - and I wanna talk about it!

For starters, these opening odds, while possibly looking a bit steep, are juuust about where I expected them to be. 

I know Masvidal coming in as such an underdog may surprise some of you, but Kamaru Usman is a real deal savage that is a legitimate NIGHTMARE stylistically for anybody in the division, and he's the one who has actually had a full camp for this bout. Plus, he just fucking MAULED former Welterweight Champ Tyron Woodley to earn himself that hardware, and then went out and beat the brakes off Colby Covington right afterwards to defend that title, showing truly insane cardio/output levels in the process, and I can't get that outta my brain. They are terrifying memories.

Jorge Masvidal, on the other hand, has been reportedly prepping for a potential Usman matchup for months, bringing high-level wrestlers in to American Top Team in May/June, and recently helped teammate Dustin Poirier train for his fight with Dan Hooker, but we have no idea if much of a "camp" has actually been going on at all, and I can't imagine it has. 

"Gamebred" says he's ready, though, and I feel like a gangster like him may not need much prep time to kick ass....

….after all, he was known to take street fights on short notice back in the day, which meant showing up to some shady Miami backyard to chuck knucks in a matter of hours - not days. Craaaaazy shit….

….and if I'm gonna be bringing up Usman's past few fights, and impressive performances - I've gotta bring up Jorge's as well. 

As a matter of fact, Masvidal faced a wrestler that many doubted him against a year ago today, and look how that turned out….

Oh, and ask Darren Till how fighting ol' "Gamebred" went for him, as well….

Mad Men Not Great Bob GIF Giphy Images.

Obviously, Masvidal also pieced Nate Diaz up pretty good before a doctor stopped that one back in November as well….

Realistically, I see a few possible scenarios going down in the main event on Saturday night. I'm gonna lay them out in the order my brain is currently telling me I believe in them….

1. Kamaru Usman puts on a Khabib-esque grappling/mauling performance for five straight rounds, capitalizing on Masvidal's possible short notice weaknesses (cardio?) and hits the brakes on the Jorge Masvidal hype train for a bit. Usman via DEC.

2. After a couple unsuccessful takedown attempts, Kamaru starts to stand and trade with Masvidal, and begins to fall in love with his striking - similar to how Daniel Cormier in his last fight against UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic. 

From here, he fights right into Masvidal's hand before the famous "Gamebred" power gets the best of him, and he gets himself KO'd. It'd be the biggest short-notice upset since Nate over Conor or Bisping over Rockhold. Masvidal becomes an even bigger star than we ever thought possible from there. Masvidal via KO.

3. Jorge Masvidal sprints across the cage with some insane flying knee/kick/superman punch the second the fight starts and immediately sends Kamaru Usman to the SHADOW REALM. Pandemonium ensues. Masvidal via BAPTISM.

Let me know what you think is gonna go down in the comments below, or over on Twitter! I wanna hear your thoughts! Also, go back and listen to the Jorge Masvidal/Kamaru Usman episodes on My Mom's Basement if you're interested!