There's Always That One Person At The Table You Cannot Beat In A Hand, No Matter What

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We've all been there. You grind and grind and grind, and finally get your AK in great against your opponent's AQ, only for them to bink a queen right in your god damn face. You go from Cloud 9, dreaming about what you're going to purchase with all your new money, to wondering if cans of beans are on sale in the clearance aisle of Food Lion. That's poker for you- the highs are oh so high, and the lows could not be lower.

And then sometimes, one opponent just tortures you. Everyone has the one opponent that no matter what either always has it vs you, or always runs pure vs you. The opponent you simply cannot beat, no matter what. No matter how good you get it in, they are flopping 2 paid against you for stacks. And that's what happened to Matt Berkey the other day vs Jamie Kerstetter. Both professional poker players and former Cracking Aces guests, Berky was on stream as Jamie ruined his life, hand after hand, demoralizing him as he could not, no matter what, win a hand vs her. Here's the video:



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3 hands, same opponent, same result. Sometimes it just ain't your day. That's when you knock on the table, wish everyone luck, put 100 dollars into the video poker machine at the bar, and see how many Coronas you can drink before that $100 runs out. 7 is the number you're trying to reach, by the way. And then the next day you do it all over again because poker is a beautiful mistress that you'll never quit.


Also, we have a new episode of Cracking Aces coming out tonight with special guest Jeff Platt who streamed a WSOP final table run on Twitch last night. Pretty sick he was competing for a bracelet while on Twitch, for the world to see. He finished 7th but it was a hell of a run for the kid. 



What a sicko.

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