Someone Is Going To Live Stream Themselves Winning A WSOP Bracelet


With the live WSOP cancelled this year, the gold bracelet events were moved online. However, since online poker is largely illegal in the United States, you have to be in two states to play the US-facing WSOP events, NJ and NV. It's a shitty compromise, all things considered, but with our current laws, it's the only way to run a WSOP at all. It's kind of insanely crazy that in 2020 where the entire universe is digital and online, only 2 out of 50 states can play for a WSOP bracelet. And then coming up later in the Summer will be a global WSOP, where the rest of the world will compete for bracelets, but nobody in the USA. It sucks it's like this and honestly makes no sense at all. 

But with most things, I try to find a silver lining. And there is a cool aspect of the WSOP being moved online- someone can stream a WSOP bracelet win, live on Twitch. And we almost had it happen for the first time earlier this week when poker superstar Jeff "The Plattman" Platt was live streaming...and then final tabled the event.



I find it so, so awesome that guys are streaming to a global audience, hole cards showing, with WSOP bracelets on the line. They play on delays so the other players at the table can't see what they have. But with all the pressure and money on the line, it's really fucking cool to watch. 

We had Jeff on Cracking Aces yesterday, right off his 7th place finish, to talk about just that. If he plays better or worse with people watching, what it was like to stream while bracelet hunting, and he walked through a pivotal ballsy as hell river check/raise where he put his opponent in a blender:



Eventually someone will win a bracelet live on their own Twitch feed. There's no replacing the Thunderdome at the Rio, the big stage where legends are born and made, but streaming a bracelet win isn't a bad consolation prize. 

Check out Jeff on today's CA, it's a good one.