Shout Out To MacDaddy Who Had Never Played Online Poker Before And Shipped A WSOP Bracelet + $188,214


What a god damn beauty. I love good WSOP stories. There's something new every year, whether it's a mother/son combo winning bracelets



This dude who plays poker blackout drunk



Or the bad ass Purple Heart who took 2nd place in the $10k heads up event in back to back years



And this year I was worried that since 48/50 states cannot play in the official online WSOP events, there wouldn't be any of these feel good stories. Well I thought wrong. MacDaddy15, a 70 year old from Iowa, played in his very first EVER online tournament and took it down for a bracelet and $188,000.



The MacDaddy! 

If you live in NJ or NV you can play WSOP events, if not, you can watch streams, most notably Jeff Platt's who is streaming nightly, whether he's still in the tournament or not. If he's in the tournament he's streaming his table on a 5 minute delay, if he's out he's streaming and doing commentary on whoever the most notable player remaining in the field's table. We had the Plattman on CA to talk about his 7th place finish, his nightly streams, walk us through a sick river check/raise, and more.