Two UMass-Boston Hockey Players Are Rollerblading From Boston To Michigan To Raise Money For Cancer

Two UMass-Boston hockey players left their dorm rooms this morning with only a pair of rollerblades on, with their site set on the state of Michigan. Andrew Walker and Jacob Adkins are set to skate 875 miles from Boston to Michigan in order to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Both player's families have been heavily effected by cancer and figured what better way to raise money than to skate almost 1000 miles across the country.

The two legends plan to skate around 100 miles per day and plan to be in Michigan in a little over a week. I skated three miles yesterday and almost had a heart attack, so the fact these kids are skating 100 MILES PER DAY should not be taken lightly. Even driving 100 miles in a day is too much for me and you got these kids just casually throwing up a hundo spot each day.

While the two haven't formally been accepted into Blade Gang (the offer is on the table) the two freshmen hockey players refer to themselves as "Men in Blades" and were basically just bored over quarantine and decided....fuck it, lets skate to Michigan and raise some money. "We were sitting around, not knowing what to do. Practice was off. Gyms were closed. So, we bought rollerblades," Andrew Walker told "Our hardship on the trip will be a lot less than what people with cancer have gone through… Hopefully, this will help globally."

The two have raised $8,500 so far, but I know Chiclets Nation and all the stoolies out there can get that number much higher.