Poker Player Ryan Depaulo Won A WSOP Bracelet From His Car In A New Jersey Whole Foods Parking Lot


So because you can only play online poker legally in 4 US states, and because in only 2 of those states you can play on for a WSOP bracelet, poker player Ryan Depaulo has apparently been driving to NJ from NY and playing from random places, trying to win himself a WSOP bracelet. He was really enjoying it too!



Which is why last night, he found himself in a Whole Foods parking lot, playing the $500 bracelet event.




And things went well, as Ryan ended up at the final table…in the Whole Foods parking lot.



And wouldn't you know it…





Ryan takes home $159,563 for his efforts, so maybe now he could afford an AirBnB or a motel room…but that wouldn't be very degenerate of him. Stick to what works. 


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