There's Nothing Worse Than Making The Right Fold Only For This To Happen...


We've all been there and it's the WORST. You make the correct fold, usually of a hand you *want* to play, and get absolutely nailed by the flop. It's so fucking demoralizing. You start to rethink everything, even though the last thing you should be in poker is results oriented. You know you did the right thing. But it's human nature to get tilted when you see what could have been. 

What separates a good player from a bad player is the ability to complete ignore situations like that. You should play every hand optimally, regardless of results. Shit like that will happen. The more you play, the more it'll happen. But you have to remember your brain is a fucking asshole. BIG ASSHOLE. It will make you remember the times you fold the 65ss and flop the straight flush and not make you remember the 1,000 times you folded it and the flop came JQK. 

We talk about it a lot on the podcast- how important patience and playing every handle independently of the last is. Just because you would have won this hand doesn't mean now you have to play every hand so it doesn't happen again. The chances of flopping a straight flush is like 1 in a zillion, so don't make the mistake of thinking you will miss out next time, because shit, there probably won't be a next time.

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