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UFC Fight Island Is BACK Tonight For Some Mid-Week Fights And I've Got A Parlay For Ya

Whaaaaat?! Robbie Fox throwing out an actual gambling play for the fights tonight?! giphy (4).gif

As I've long told all of my readers here at Barstool - I don't claim to be an MMA expert, analyst, or really know what I'm talking about on any level deeper than one of a complete and total diehard fan - but I will say: the picks I've been giving out since quarantine have been pretty solid overall! I've gone 43-36 on fight predictions given out via Twitter/blogs (and a couple UFC Pick 'Em type shows), putting me at liiiike 54% - and I've got a parlay I really like on the card tonight, so I figured I'd share! 

It's not necessarily the CRAZIEST or RISKIEST bet you'll ever make, but I do think it'll win ya some money - and at the very least, it should make the night of fights a little more entertaining for ya! 

giphy (5).gif

Double Vodka Don has been getting pretty into UFC betting since they became the only game in town, so he'll usually text me to talk picks on the morning of the fights. When I looked at the card in hopes to assist my pal Slim Ev today, the most obvious outcomes to me appeared to be in the first and last bouts on the main card - Calvin Kattar vs Dan Ige and Abdul Razak Alhassan vs Mounir Lazzez. The odds pretty much imply as much, as well, with Kattar at -265 and Alhassan at -320

I threw those heavy favorites in the back of my mind for a parlay, and then remembered that "Meatball" Molly McCann is fighting tonight, and I'll tell ya what, folks - I'm a huuuge "Meatball" Molly McCann fan. 

I wrote a blog about the amazing performance she put on last year in London (while rocking a GNARLY cracked orbital bone) and the hilariously high spirits she was in after the fight....

....and she's won three fights since that night, with hopes to make it five in a row tonight! 

She ALSO just told a story this week about stopping a sex trafficker from abducting a drugged woman by fighting him in a 24-hour Subway station, which sorta makes her a vigilante/hero outside the cage too?!

She's listed as another favorite on this card, albeit a slight one, at -140, but no matter the number, Meatball ain't losing tonight - and she's the last piece of my parlay! Like I said, I know it's not the most insane, ballsy, multiple-underdog/ten-fight-parlay bet you've ever seen, but it sorta just looks like free money to me! So there ya go!

Calvin Kattar (-265) - Molly McCann (-140) - Abdul Razak Alhassan (-320)

It should pay out at like +175 I believe, but I don't know shit about gambling. That could be off. It's got good odds, though!

You could throw a couple props on there to get better odds as well (and I'd suggest going with Kattar via KO/TKO, McCann via DEC, and Alhassan via KO/TKO if you do go down that route), but I'm just giving out the parlay out as is….

Calvin Kattar (-265) - Molly McCann (-140) - Abdul Razak Alhassan (-320)

As for the other locks in there bookending the card - Kattar and Alhassan - if you're unfamiliar with either of those guys, and want a little more faith in this bet - let me set your mind at ease….

Headliner Calvin Kattar is New England's most exciting fighter at the moment (at the head of the "New England Cartel"), and he is easily one of the most dangerous sharks in the entire featherweight division. I believe he's capable of knocking anybody at 145lbs out with the right shot, and that right shot has been landing waaay more often than not for him lately. He's got incredibly crisp boxing, he's a blast to watch, and he usually delivers big. He's also a Stoolie. Lock city.

Abdul Razak Alhassan (who kicks off the main card at 10pm ET) is a fucking SAVAGE who is 10-1 in his professional mixed martial arts career with 10 first-round KOs. Alhassan's only loss came by way of split decision over three years ago in Sweden.

Tonight, Alhassan takes his first steps back into the octagon since being found not guilty on rape charges that have plagued his name, career, and life for almost 2 years, and when speaking with MMAjunkie about it earlier this week, he said….

"I’m a good person. I’d never do what they said I did. It got to a point where I asked myself, ‘Why is God letting evil people like that live?’ Because if I didn’t do something like that to you, why?

I thought about revenge. If I tell you I didn’t, I’m lying. I thought about all the revenge in this world in that I can – for the pain they are putting me through. They are out there stripping, not caring what they’re doing to me, having lives, posting things on social media happy, throwing alcohol (back), while I’m home crying every day. I can’t even take care of my kids. So much anger. I have so much anger. I know it’s behind me now, but I really hope God takes some huge revenge on these girls. I really hope they get what they deserve.”

I've got a feeling Alhassan is gonna be looking to get some revenge out in the cage tonight, and that is NOT gonna go well for Mounir Lazzez. He might be having nightmares about it right now, as we speak!

Ev is on a lot of the same stuff I mentioned in this blog, generally (because this is what we talked about this morning, as I said earlier) but he's even getting a little crazier with it, so you could tail him if you're looking for some more action tonight….

I'm just hoping for some fireworks throughout the card, and a fast pace to keep things rolling smoothly. Stoked, though!

UPDATE: I'm not gonna do this anymore.