Lots Of Great Answers To The Question "What's the cheapest thing you have ever seen a poker player/gambler do?"


This has been going around poker twitter the last couple of days with some great and outrageous answers to the question "What's the cheapest thing you have ever seen a poker player/gambler do?"

You see, some poker players are notoriously cheap. Always trying to find an edge wherever they can. Of course there is the flip side, poker players who will spend lavishly, degen in the pits, and lose every cent they win. Both sides of the story are great, but some of these cheapo stories are absolutely ridiculous. Here are some:



This one is out of control. Walking Aria to Rio is borderline impossible, nevermind in the 105 degree heat. And to do it to save on a taxi when you're a 5/10 cash player is just absurd. You're sitting down with minimum $1k in front of you, in heaps of sweat, just to save $20. Gross.


Speaking of cheap...



Tax write-off baby!!!!



Hey, if you keep letting your friend take 2 dollars from you every day, that could add up to dozens of dollars.



Glad he said "friend of a friend" because you cannot be friends with that person. Questionable even being friends with that person's friend.



That made me physically ill to read.



Ah yes, when you win a bracelet and half a milly, gotta save $2 on the All American Dave food truck to celebrate!


I actually LOVE this one:



That's just smart business right there.


This one made me laugh:



Honestly all bets are off when you're drunk. You resort to being 16 and just wanting a sandwich. 


And the winner of course comes from Timex:




Cannot beat that value.


The whole thread is great. 


I can't think of anything cheap as fuck I've done, but we did swap degen stories with Ryan Depaulo on last week's Cracking Aces podcast. We also talked to him about his come up in the poker world, making YouTube videos, and winning a WSOP bracelet in his car. Check it out: